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Sprinkler Maintenance & Repair

We offer single-service visits, annual maintenance contracts, and all sprinkler repair. The annual maintenance contract covers the service to maintain an efficient and effective irrigation system. These include:

If necessary, our technicians will reattach the backflow preventer device and turn the water on to the sprinkler system. We will inspect each zone and sprinkler head individually to make sure that they are functioning properly.

We adjust heads as needed and set the timer to reflect the current weather conditions. Please note that this does not include moving or replacing sprinklers.

Our technicians will also advise you of any repairs or recommendations that need to be done to maximize efficiency and minimize water usage. They may suggest adding or eliminating sprinkler heads, changing the type of sprinkler head to reflect the current landscape, and more.

To make sure that your sprinkler systems are ready for winter, our technicians will expel all the water, turn off the timer, and remove the backflow preventer device (if applicable). We use a high-volume compressor to blow out the water from the irrigation lines to prevent freeze damage during these cold months. Our team will also perform an end-of-season check to ensure that there are no other areas of concern.

We provide residential backflow testing in Loudoun County, In the town of Leesburg. This is an annual required test. Through our services, you can be sure that your backflow preventer devices remain in good condition. After the test, we will handle the submission of results to the appropriate county or city office.

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